Evergreen Play Association is an open access, free, supervised adventure playground that has been in operation since 1972. We are situated in just under an acre of land in the tri ward area of Dalston, Queensbridge and De Beauvoir in Hackney East London. The playground is part of the voluntary sector and is a registered company and charity, securing much of our funding through our own applications. Management of the playground is by a voluntary management committee made up of parents and people from the local community. All activities are child centred and child led. Since 2002 the playground has incorporated a successful inclusion project within the playground. Our inclusion project is noted as being a model of good inclusive practice throughout Hackney and beyond. Support workers are available to work 1:1 with children with a high need of support.

The diversity of the area where we are situated is reflected in the playground, its activities, the staff members and the children themselves. All activities on the site have been selected by the children and encourage a celebration of difference. Evergreen’s consistent ability to work closely with the community and provide a varied and exciting programme year round has been pivotal in London Play naming us “Adventure Playground of the Year 2005” and us receiving an "Outstanding"  duirng our Ofsted inspection in 2015.

Evergreen is committed to providing free, child led stimulating play to all children aged 5 – 15 years regardless of ethnicity, ability and social economic status. We promote a healthy lifestyle encouraging healthy eating within our cooking sessions and outdoor activities within the play site. All our activities are inclusive and are adapted to suit a child’s needs if necessary. There are a range of arts and crafts activities such as; pottery, sewing, papier mache and various painting projects which take place daily as well as free play within

the sports hall and outside facilities. Our nature garden consists of 2 ponds, where frogs and pond life can be discovered, a vegetable patch where the children aid in growing fruit and vegetables which are used in our cooking sessions and a quiet area where birds and flowers can be appreciated.

You can now have your child's party at Evergreen or book the site for a conference or event. Please contact the playground for further details - email evergreenplay@yahoo.co.uk or phone: 020 7275 9004

For further information on the playground or if you are interested in joining our Management Committee, please contact us on the number below or email us at evergreenplay@yahoo.co.uk


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